Auto Detailing in Fort Wayne

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Dust, dirt, and grime can do a number on your car’s interior and exterior—not to mention unsightly stains or odors caused by accidental spills. Every car needs to be spruced up from time to time, not only to restore its look but also to protect its longevity. Auto detailing can do just that.

The detailing services at Indiana Automotive Services of Fort Wayne can clean your vehicle inside and out, reviving its look and protecting your investment. Our auto detailing services include:

• Complete exterior and interior car cleaning to remove unseen dirt and residue and enhance your car’s finish and upholstery.
• Getting rid of stains from grease, cola, dark-colored juices, and other spots difficult to remove without our car detailing specialists.
• Scratch remover services to make unwanted scratches and dents disappear.
• Elimination of unwanted odors, including milk, fast food, smoke, and more.



Indiana Automotive Services’ detailing and reconditioning facility is conveniently located in the central Fort Wayne area on the campus of Indiana Auto Auction. In addition to being easily accessible, we provide the Fort Wayne community with competitive and affordable car detailing prices and excellent service. Each of our auto detail technicians has been expertly trained and takes pride in restoring your vehicle.

To eliminate the dirt and unwanted odors plaguing your car, call our detailing experts today. Your vehicle will thank you for years to come. We also have several other services that will bring out the best in your car, including locksmithing services, a car service and repair center, and glass repair.